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Kiana Rawji is a Canadian director & writer based in NYC. She recently graduated summa cum laude from Harvard College with a joint concentration in Film and History & Literature. Through fiction and nonfiction film, she strives to close distances between people while celebrating the differences among them, and drive cultural change. As a Muslim woman and daughter of East African Asian immigrants, she is particularly interested in stories around diasporas, identity, and human resilience. Her TEDx talks on Islam and the Cosmopolitan Ethic have reached over 150,000 people worldwide.

Her 2021 documentary, LONG DISTANCE, about migrant workers at an Albertan meat plant, won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Alberta Short Film at the 2021 Calgary International Film Festival. Her 2023 doc,
 MAMA OF MANYATTA—which has screened at the 2023 Pan African Film Festival, Essence Film Festival, and Zanzibar International Film Festival, with a Special Jury Mention—follows an 
extraordinary woman fighting HIV and gender-based-violence in a Kenyan slum. And her 2023 fiction film, INSIDE JOB, is about an Indian woman who suspects her African domestic servants of stealing jewelry in 1970s Nairobi. The film received the Harvard Film Department’s Arnheim Prize for most outstanding interdisciplinary undergraduate project and premiered at the Chicago South Asian Film Festival. INSIDE JOB and MAMA OF MANYATTA will both be screening at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto on October 15, 2023 (tickets here).

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