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A Filipino couple in Calgary, Alberta perseveres through a long-distance relationship redolent of the many years they spent apart in the past. Before, international borders separated them. Now, a virus. While Roderick, a Cargill meat plant worker, recovers in the hospital from a COVID-induced stroke, his wife, Norie, summons the strength to support her family. Set against the backdrop of Covid outbreaks among migrant workers across Canada.


Suspended: Inside the School to Prison Pipeline

Spring 2019

Seaport Tiger

Spring 2020

Do You Believe in Corona?

Spring 2020

 A look into the experiences of Black and Brown  students in Boston disproportionately affected by harsh disciplinary policies and biases that often take students like them out of the classroom and on the path to prison.

A day in the life of Andrew Alicea, one of only two Black business owners in Boston’s exclusive Seaport District. (Note: incomplete as filming was cut short due to pandemic)

A live-in housekeeper from Kenya navigates information and anxieties surrounding the coronavirus from her Canadian home.


Lunch Break

Winter 2020

A young Muslim receptionist takes her daily lunch break. But today, she's on a mission.

Made in a 2-day iPhone film challenge.


Fall 2020

Inspired by the 2020 Election, this short film is meant to be a reminder that sometimes, peace is a privilege. And that Biden’s win doesn’t mean we get to take a break. This election may have signified that there is still hope, but it also proved that the work is far from over.

Fall 2021

Created in response to a class assignment/prompt: "The Suitcase" (create a video representation of yourself through the things you carry with you through your life and to this course: people, objects, memories, fears, etc.) 


JFK Jr. Forum Committee Recruitment

Spring 2019

Fundraising Video: Continuing Education at Petals High School

Spring 2020